Chapters in the Province

History of your Chapter. 

If you would like to include a history of your Chapter please call Brett on 07977228964. As an example of an entry, scroll down to Chine Chapter, number 1884 and click the link.

Chapter Name Chapter No. Date of
Location Meetings
Asher Barfield 35 1895 Cowes, IoW 3rd Thu Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Chapter of Economy 76 1803 Winchester 3rd Tue Oct, Nov, Jan-Mar
Royal Gloucester 130 1783 Southampton
(Albion Place)
1st Thu Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr
Unity 132 1918 Mudeford, Christchurch 3rd Thu Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep
Albany 151 1822 Newport, IoW Last Tue Jan, Apr, May, Oct
East Medina 175 1845 Ryde, IoW Last Mon Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
Hengist 195 1886 Bournemouth 2nd Wed Feb, May, Sep, Nov
Chapter of Friendship 257 1769 Portsmouth
(Phoenix Rooms)
1st Thu Jan, Mar, May, Nov
Harmony 309 Unknown Fareham 3rd Thu Feb, May, Sep, Nov
New Forest 319 1904 Lymington 4th Thu Oct, Nov, Jan-Mar
Royal Sussex 342 1825 Purbrook 3rd Fri Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
Chapter of Peace 359 1872 Southampton
(Albion Place)
1st Fri Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec
Chapter of Concord 394 1856 Southampton
(Albion Place)
4th Thu Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan-Apr
William Kingston 407 1880 Petersfield 1st Sat Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov
Portsmouth 487 1849 Fareham 4th Mon Feb, Apr, Oct 2nd Mon Dec
Resurrection 515 1881 Aldershot 4th Sat Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov
Yarborough 551 1930 Ventnor, IoW 1st Wed Feb, Apr, May, Oct, Dec
Oakley 694 1877 Basingstoke 3rd Tue Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
Panmure 723 1861 Aldershot 3rd Mon Jan, May, Sep, Nov
Carnarvon 804 1873 Havant 4th Tue Feb, May, Sep, Nov
Gosport 903 1877 Gosport 1st Wed Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
Petersfield 928 1925 Petersfield 3rd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Oct
Aldershot Camp 1331 1880 Farnborough 3rd Mon Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
St. Hubert 1373 1922 Andover 1st Mon Mar, Jun, Oct, Dec
United Service 1428 1879 Cosham 1st Mon Mar, Jun, Sep;
2nd Mon Dec
Ancasta 1461 1884 Woolston 3rd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Alverstoke 1705 1932 Gosport 2nd Thurs Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov
Landport 1776 1882 Havant 2nd Thurs Feb, Apr, Sep, Dec
Albert Edward 1780 1885 Southampton
(Albion Place)
3rd Tues Oct, Nov, Feb, Apr
Duke of Connaught 1834 1923 Purbrook 2nd Thu Feb/Jun/Oct;
2nd Tues Dec
Chine 1884 1920 Shanklin, IoW 2nd Wed  Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Prince Edward 1903 1917 Cosham 1st Tues Mar, May, Sep, Nov
St George’s 1958 1926 Havant 1st Wed Mar, Sep, Nov;
4th Wed May; 1st Fri July
Connaught 1971 1898 Farnborough 3rd Fri Jan, Sep
Hampshire Emulation 1990 1951 Chandlers Ford 2nd Thu Oct, Dec, Feb, Mar
St.Lawrence 2016 1892 Alton 4th Wed Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
St. Clair 2074 1890 Havant 4th Mon Jan, 3rd Mon May, 4th Mon Nov
Hope 2153 1921 Horndean 4th Tue Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Boscombe 2158 1918 Bournemouth 3rd Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec
Osborne 2169 1994 East Cowes, IOW 3rd Mon Feb, Apr, May, Oct
Farnborough 2203 1925 Farnborough 4th Thu Jan, Mar, Sep, Nov
Beach 2475 1899 Camberley 3rd Tue Jan, Mar, Sep, Nov
Needles 2838 1930 Freshwater, IOW 2nd Mon Oct, Feb, Apr, May
Daintree 2938 1951 Fareham 1st Tue Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov
Bramston Beach 2955 1923 Southampton
(Albion Place)
1st Wed Dec, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov
Victory 3509 1925 Cosham 3rd Fri Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Oct
Woolmer Forest 3872 1947 Bordon 1st Mon Mar, Jun, Nov, Dec
Portsdown 4356 1925 Cosham 4th Thu Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct
Octa 4397 1947 Bournemouth Last Wed Mar, Sep,
Last Thu Jun,2nd Thu Dec
Mercury 4581 1952 Farnborough 1st Thu Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
Neptune 5150 1935 Cosham 4th Thu Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Domus Dei 5151 1936 Portsmouth
(Phoenix Rooms)
2nd Fri Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
St Vincent 5295 1947 Fareham 2nd Thu Jan, Apr, Jun, Oct
Barton Court 5468 1965 New Milton 2nd Tue Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
Lee Britten 5782 1947 Gosport 3rd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Twynham 5889 1974 Christchurch Last Mon Jan, Mar, Oct,2nd Mon May
Hants & IOW 1st.Principals 5990 1974 Botley 2nd Sat May, 1st Sat Oct
Test Valley 6181 1948 Totton 2nd Wed Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr, May
Southbourne 6281 1965 Bournemouth 3rd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Sep
Hayling Island 6422 1949 Havant 3rd Fri Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
Semper Fidelis 6664 1992 Aldershot 4th Mon Apr, 1st Mon Jun, Sep
Wolvesey 6818 1956 Winchester 2nd Wed Feb, May, Oct, Dec
Brockenhurst 7040 1994 Brockenhurst 4th Wed Jan, Mar, Apr, Sep, Nov
Richard Taunton 7050 1958 Woolston 1st Thu Feb, May, Oct, Dec
St. Mary 7304 1992 Havant 3rd Fri Jan, May, Sep, Nov
Taverners 7442 2017 Purbrook 2nd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Nov
Vyne 7612 1985 Basingstoke 2nd Fri Mar, May, Oct, Dec
Wilfrid Attenborough 7672 1962 Totton 3rd Mon Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar
Chilworth 7810 1966 Chandlers Ford Closed on 11/10/22
Vale of Itchen 7816 1994 Eastleigh 2nd Mon Feb, May,Sep,Dec
Vectensian 7852 1965 Ryde, IOW 3rd Fri Jan, Mar, May, Nov
Norman Gate 8116 1995 Andover 4th Fri Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
Faith and Confidence 8222 1974 Winchester 3rd Sat Apr, Jun, Oct
Old Portmuthian  8285 1993 Portsmouth
(Phoenix Rooms)
1st Tue Feb, Jun, Sep, Dec
King’s Court 8441 1988 Chandlers Ford 2nd Tue Sep, Nov, Mar, May
Charles Dickens 8597 1991 Old Portsmouth
3rd Mon Mar, May, Jul, Oct
Brook House 8606 1980 Botley Last working day Oct, Mar, May, Jul
Wessex Chapter of Fidelity 8681 1996 Fareham 3rd Tue Feb, May, Sep, Dec
Drayton 8832 1996 Cosham 3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
IOW 1st. Principals 8847 1998 East Cowes, IOW 1st Fri Jun, Dec
Mid Wessex Installed 1st. Principals 8859 2000 Farnborough 1st Sat Mar, 2nd Sat Nov
The Knole 8996 1984 Bournemouth 3rd Fri Feb, Apr, Oct
Horndean Chapter of Harmony 9015 1989 Horndean 4th Thu Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
Hants & IOW Provincial Grand Stewards 9263 1996 Botley 3rd Tue Feb, 3rd Thu Jun, 2nd Fri Sep
Prytaneion Chapter 9340 1997 Chandlers Ford 2nd Fri Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr
St. Johns Chapter 9395 2003 Farnborough 4th Tue, Jan, Mar, Jun, Oct