Hampshire and Isle of Wight Provincial Grand Chapter

Supported Prostate Cancer

During the year 2018 to 2019 the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent supported one of the many cancer charities that exist, “Prostate Cancer UK” a registered charity, a very relevant charity for the fraternity.

One in eight men in the UK will get it at some point in their lives and more information can be found by emailing info@prostatecanceruk.org or by telephoning 020 3310 7000.

Visit www.prostatecanceruk.org or the Isle of Wight support group or the North Hampshire group

It was hoped at the beginning that many Hampshire and Isle of Wight Royal Arch Masons would be supporting the appeal and it has not been disappointing.

The final amount of  £60,375 was announced at the Provincial Convocation on June 8th 2019 at the Novotel Hotel Southampton.

(Update 8/9/2019 The total was up to £63770.55p, monies coming in during those summer months)

Thanks were extended to many other Masonic orders who raised monies towards the cause

Earlier, on the 12th of May 2019

A Charity walk in support of Prostate Cancer UK took place starting from the Botley Masonic Centre. A Sponsor form was available to support the event.

The walk began at 10.30 at Botley Masonic Centre on the Sunday,
The Masonic Centre was open for tea/coffee and use of the toilets for all those taking part.
The route started by turning left onto Brook Lane and after 3/4mile turning right into the back entrance of Manor Farm and the River Hamble Country Park.

The walk around the Country Park covered about 4 miles depending on the route you adopted was complete back at Manor Farm.
From Manor Farm, there are two alternatives:

Ex. Comp David Wood, Provincial Charity Steward reports that £4,082 was raised for the walk.

Andrew didn’t come in first!