The “NEW” Provincial Chapter website is now live and available, click the link below.

The Website

Welcome, the information on this site is here primarily to pass on information for those members of Craft Lodges who may need more knowledge about Royal Arch Masonry in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, which operates under the authority of

“Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England”

For those who are in the Craft but not yet Companions, we hope that you will find it interesting and informative – perhaps it will stimulate you to further research and, we hope, participation in our beautiful Order. Look out for Dine a Master Mason events in your area under.

News and Events” or under “Calendar


Like all Masonic activity, much of it has a Charity donating element and this Provincial Grand Chapter has a history of supporting local Charities, listed here



At the Provincial Convocation held on the 11th June 2022, it was announced by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent that the Supported Charity for 2022 to 2023 will be

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance