The web site address has changed


If you are on this page, you probably used the OLD Hampshire and Isle of Wight Royal Arch Provincial Web site address which was replaced back in 2019.

The address you used would have been  (OLD ADDRESS)

That address does not reflect the name of the Province as the full name of the Province is “Hampshire and Isle of Wight” (There is a not a Province called “Hampshire”, well, not now anyway! That is another story).

So, in 2019 a new web address was started, the site you are now in. To keep the new web address from becoming overly long, the word “Hampshire” was shortened to “hants” and the words “Isle of Wight” were shortened to “iow”.

Hence we arrived at “”

If you have a link to the old web site and use it, you will always end up on this page with this explanation. You could of course update your link to the new address and avoid this page. 

The correct address is

Kind Regards

Brett Clark. (The present web manager)